About Us

Company Overview

Boundless Data was established January 2003 by founder and sole proprietor Tina White. Our mission is to keep your small business computer network running efficiently for a predictable monthly amount no matter what happens.

In the traditional break-fix method of delivering technology services, the goal of the technology service provider is to obtain more billable hours while the goal of the business owner is to keep their technology running efficiently while spending as little as possible. Some technology providers try to off-set emergencies by charging you a monthly fee for monitoring and maintenance. The issue with this model is once an emergency occurs, they nickel and dime the business with additional fees creating an unwanted financial surprise for the business.

Our monthly Network Pain Reliever plans take the guess work out of your IT spending while at the same time making our goal the same as the business owner. Because we get paid the same every month no matter what happens to your network, it makes sense for us to perform the necessary steps to prevent as many emergencies as possible. When an emergency does occur, we respond at no additional service cost to the business owner. It is sort of like having insurance. You always know that a technician familiar with your network configuration will respond quickly to fix the issue. The only cost beyond the monthly Network Pain Reliever is for parts, material, and software used to resolve the issue. As a result, the technology service budget remains at a level monthly amount, computer systems run efficiently, and emergencies are minimized.

Tina White

Tina M. White, Small Business SpecialistTina worked her way through tech school as a dispatcher and crime information computer operator for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. She graduated from Tampa Technical Institute with honors in 1987. Since then, she has worked in a technical support capacity in all areas of the technology business including distribution, retail, and end user IT department. Today, Tina and staff support a number of business networks ranging from 5 computers to over 200 users spread out at multiple locations in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. In some cases we work with the business owners or managers directly. In other cases we work with the IT Director as part of his or her team. This gives us exposure to a wide variety of technology solutions we can adapt to your business.

Primary Partners

Distributors: Tech Data, D&H, Synnex
Microsoft: Small Business Specialist, Cloud Partner and Office 365 Adviser
Mimecast: Email Security, Continuity, and Archiving
Nextiva: VOIP, Unified Communication, and Call Analytics